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Green Mobility Magazine


looking forward: the

future of mobility

IBEX Publishing Media operates within the environmental sector, moderating events, writing newsletters, and developing curated magazines on topics that correlate sustainability and transportation.


Out of their products  targeting academics, policy makers, and industry experts, the Green Mobility Magazine is definitely a standout publication. The annual periodical includes multiple articles and case studies, which aim to be scientific and industry relevant, whilst promoting discussion and understanding about pressing environmental issues.

Art directing and designing the issue was a challenge that required a fine balance between the seriousness of the content and the amount of illustration being used. It still felt fitting, considering the magazine's way of communicating with the reader and its genuine optimism for a greener future. This issue explores the future of mobility and questions how certain technological advancements can either endanger it or improve it from a sustainability point of view. It includes themes such as aviation, net-zero, electrical vehicles, and emission disparities between developed and developing countries.


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