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Sending your files

When the project wraps up, it is my responsibility to create a zip folder with all the files you need to use your new design.

I will make sure you understand which file to use and when.

I will not provide original/Ai files unless pre-agreed during the deposit stage. All we have left to do is arrange payment and off you go: conquer the world with your new design!

freelancing step by step

First Contact + Brief

After an initial meeting where we - hopefully - decide to work together, you present me with your idea/project and your goals.

I will read the brief and probably re-read an extra 99 times, whilst asking important questions to guide my future work.

Brainstorming Ideas + Research

This is a very early stage in our journey together, were we can both still decide to back down. I will find references, do a little wordplay and present some ideas which will not involve drawing/mock-ups. We will likely both be able to know if we should, for lack of better expression, "see other people" instead.

Non-refundable deposit

Well, it seems like we both agreed on where the project should be headed and there is really no backing down. At this stage, I charge a non-refundable deposit to protect my own time. The amount is agreed between the two parties.

Drawing + Development

During this phase I will test ideas, colours, the use of symbols and shapes as well as type. Take the example of the logo development below.


Application + First Draft

The very initial execution of the concept to the best of my capabilities. That doesn't mean this will be the finalised product: this stage exists mostly to help identify strengths and weaknesses in the overall concept.



I'll prepare a pitch to be delivered to you, ideally in person or through video chat. During the presentation I will explain the decisions, variations and applications of the work being presented. A pdf version will be made available to you.



After the proposal, some doubts and questions might pop-up. Let's have a chat together and make some changes if necessary. The hours spent on revisions are still chargeable in the final invoice.

Revisions part II

Let's make you an offer you can't refuse: ideally at this stage, the necessary changes discussed initially are covered and the work is done and dusted.

Exporting: PITCH_final_final22

Too many revisions? Is it getting counterproductive? Ideally this won't happen right at the end of our collaboration, but if it does, let's step back and make sure we still have our initial concept in mind.

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