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Little book
of hierarchies

Hierarchies are all around us, even when we don't see them. Moving upwards or downwards, being above, below or at the same level, are ways we organise objects, tasks and ourselves.

The book sets out to use fun, pictorial representations of different hierarchies we find all around us, both flexible and formal. It mixes graphics and illustration. Each hierarchy has a code which the reader can use to decipher the image being presented. All the codes stem out of a pixel grid parent system.

Despite being an editorial project, I pitched it to be featured in the Manchester School of Art's Vertical Gallery during this year's Degree Show. I ended up being commissioned to create my own exhibition space.

My proposal included a reimagined version of the book's visual system, using cubes - instead of squares - to represent a hierarchy in a 3D way. The piece entitled "Broke Breakout" was developed for the wall alone and it can't be found in the book. It takes the height of the wall to show hierarchy and it focuses on how the cost of living crisis is experienced by different socioeconomical groups. It resembles a game as it was visually inspired by Atari's "Breakout".

Book Cover Mockup.png
Two Poster Mockups.png

"Broke breakout"

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