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little book of hierarchies


little book of hierarc-


What started as a simple editorial project about algorithms, ended up becoming a thorough study of hierarchies and their systems. It doesn't really matter if they're flexible or formal: they're around us nonetheless, even when they seem invisible. Moving upwards or downwards, being above, below or at the same level, are ways we organise objects, tasks, organisations and ourselves.

The book includes multiple datasets represented through a mixture of graphics and illustration. Each hierarchy has a code which the reader can use to decipher the image being represented, further engaging and interacting with the page. The codes stem from a pixel grid parent system, which works as the backbone of the book's branding.

A reinterpretation of the book in 3D format was later commissioned by the Manchester School of Art's Vertical Gallery, featuring in the 2023 Degree Show's exhibition space.

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Book Cover Mockup.png
Two Poster Mockups.png

broke breakout


wall piece,
~7m x 3.5m 

The exhibition space included a reimagined version of the book's visual system, using cubes instead of squares to represent a hierarchy in a 3D way. The piece entitled "Broke Breakout" was developed with the wall in mind, and it can't be found in the book.

It uses the height of the wall (roughly 7m) to show hierarchy and it focuses on how the cost of living crisis is experienced by different socioeconomical groups. Inspired by the game "Breakout" by Atari, the way the data is visualised aims to challenge the viewer in an impactful way, incorporating satire.

MMU press

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