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This branding project was developed specifically for the Manchester School of Art's 2023 Graphic Design Degree Show, in collaboration with my colleague Laufey Guðnadóttir. The project includes multiple touchpoints across a wide range of subejcts: print, digital and 3D/spatial.


Our concept focused on "work-in-progress", as we proposed to use students' development work in the branding itself. Those tests would be featured inside shapes (containers) which could be randomised in position and content, creating as many iterations as necessary. All touchpoints are, for that reason, unique to our year group. The idea was for the branding to work as a teaser for the final show itself.

We figured early on that representing all students would be the hardest goal to achieve. We brought in the idea of "layering" as a way to represent the diversity of approaches used by all students whilst completing their projects.


Celebratory of the creative process and unique to our year group.


Create a sense of community and being student-focused.


Multifaceted, creative, contemporary and flexible.

Tone of Voice

Playful and witty. Friendly without being too casual. Targeting design "jargon" with a sense of humour.

Laufey Guðnadóttir


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