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dar sentidos

"Dar Sentidos", roughly translated as "to provide meanings", is the name chosen by my friend Bárbara Minas for her business.

As a psychologist, she reached out to me for a rebrand of her

digital space, with potential to create further materials for a

physical space as well later on.

With it being a Psychology related rebrand, it was important to treat both the imagery and overall message with care. The concept is bound to the idea of movement and "finding directions". This reflects both the therapeutic process and Bárbara's goal of supporting clients who might be feeling lost and in need of counselling.

Together we built a comprehensive branding system which appeals to a large audience in a friendly way, despite it dealing with difficult subject matters at times. Simple, straightforward and honest language is key.

The illustration and overall design has a uniqueness to it and a hand-made feel. Going for something personalised was an obvious choice, as it reflects how theraphy itself should be: tailored to the individual. It is also fairly uncomplicated, in

order to allow the content of the publications to shine.


A platform that generates trust, supporting people on the lookout

for Psychology sessions and/or to learn more about it.


Demystify stigma around Psychotherapy whilst providing

individual- centered services and content.


Honest, unique, friendly and content-focused.

Tone of Voice

Straightforward and honest. Friendly without being too casual.

Open and welcoming for people seeking support.

Bárbara Minas - Psychologist




Organising social media

content into categories.

Clarify Ideas

Explain concepts

about the profession.

Fight disinformation.

Fight Stigma

Content about therapy:

why and how to start,

what is the process like.

Demystifying the process.

Weekly Read

Book suggestions,

connect with Psychology.

It isn't Love

Focused on relationships,

domestic violence,

violence in the context

of dating, etc.

Children's Corner

Content related

to school, education

and development.

Useful Information

Who the therapist is,

what she does and why.

Useful contacts.

"To Teenage" is Human

Content related

with professional

orientation, boundaries,

parent relationships, etc.

The Calendar Says

Important dates and

milestones to highlight.

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