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crying is for boys & girls


crying is for boys

& girls

Gender equality is still a pressing issue within the context of education and psychology. Achieving it as adults without an understanding of how cultural values and perceptions are seen through the eyes of children is a futile exercise. We often grow up with family values and ideas which we get from our parents and grandparents, heavily influenced by where we live and how we live.

As psychologists, Bárbara, Solange, and Telma decided to do a course to challenge their own perceptions about the theme, whilst becoming better prepared to deal with gender equality subjects within their practice. An editorial project was developed as part of the course, which ultimately resulted in the mini-book "Chorar e pra menin@s" - roughly translated in English as "To cry is for boys and girls".

Targeting children in primary school, as well as teachers and parents, the book questions gender stereotypes which the authors still come across in their daily practice, such as: "Boys shouldn't cry", "Boys shouldn't wear pink", and "Girls are never bullies". The main goal is to create dialogue both at home and within the classroom, using the book as a tool to explore these issues with children at an early age.


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